Magnesium is essential for healthy health and to maintain a healthy body. Magnesium supplements could be harmful and wasted time. The most effective way to obtain this important mineral is to consume high-quality magnesium foods.

But first let’s explore the reason why magnesium is so crucial.

The majority of people are aware of the importance of calcium in their diet for strong bones. But magnesium is more magnesium glycinate  vital, not just for strong bones as well as to maintain healthy soft tissue. It keeps your heart well-maintained. It helps prevent strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure and other health issues. It stops cramps.

Migraines, premenstrual problems as well as insomnia, constipation and migraines can all be a result of a lack of magnesium in the diet.

The mineral is believed to be deficient within 90% of people. Since the majority of it is found in living cells, blood tests are known to be very inaccurate.

So why not a common supplement? It is not possible to separate the nutrients. They are all dependent on each other for your body to digest and use the nutrients. You cannot take a isolated supplement that is made in a laboratory and expect your body to understand what it is that it needs to do.

This is what most supplements contain. Synthetic, isolated. Useless. Perhaps worse than useless

At best, they’ll be able to pass through. At worst , they might hang up in places of the body they do not have a right to be in, and cause trouble. Your doctor (and certain natural therapists) won’t ever suspect your supplement may be the reason, because they are not trained to identify the cause.

After establishing that magnesium is essential for the health of your body, where can you get it, if not common supplements?

Magnesium rich foods are found in soil that has been cared for on a sustainable farm.

You will not only get all the minerals that you require and require, but you’ll also be able to obtain all the vitamins and nutrients by eating the right food.

The most magnesium-rich food items are nuts (especially brazil and almonds but most contain high levels), seeds (especially pumpkin, however, there is also flour made from seeds like the buckwheat and quinoa), green leafy vegetables and blue-green algae.

But that isn’t the end of the story. Industrialization of agriculture has made it extremely automated and controlled by corporations. Profit has been the primary goal. The soil has become the primary focus. The soil is now deficient in vital nutrients.

This means you might not be getting the proper nutrients even from the best food, if the food is not organically grown.

If you eat a good amount of magnesium rich foods from farms who nurture their soil, not only can you become much more healthy, with many problems quietly slipping away, you can lose weight effortlessly, and perhaps more importantly maintain it off.

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